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Environmental Protection

The company mainly produces suede products, our production safety, environmental protection have done a lot of work, as follows:

A safe production areas:

The company has always attached great importance to fire safety, safety in production, the establishment of the Office of the Deputy leader, heads of departments for the safety of members of the production of the ad hoc group to develop "safe manufacturing practice and safety and emergency plan". With various departments, group leaders signed the "safe production target responsibility documents, company executives take the lead in all types of safety training and learning to participate in seminars, government and enterprises organized within and through a variety of meetings and public bar staff training, guidance, all new before the induction of employees into the plant, the need for safety training. The regular monthly ad hoc group of company safety departments of the company, team fire, safety, health check, the test results notification, inspection results and cadres, staff assessment linked to the bonus coefficient. In addition, the company has also increased investment in production safety, with a large number of fire-fighting facilities and fire equipment, a fire alarm system, and specifically the establishment of a fire brigade, are also invited to the fire brigade to the scene to conduct the training, guidance, and organize a fire drill.

Second, the environmental aspects:

While the company"s rapid development, but also bring some negative impact to the surrounding environment, the company attaches great importance to the clean production of the production cycle, DMF tannery wastewater recycling in the same industry in the first three towers wastewater DMF recycling 15 per hour tons, both to save energy, but also reduce the emissions of tobacco on the surrounding environment, 2004, the company has invested heavily in the shop air supply, exhaust system transformation and recovery and recycling of dry waste gas, has now reached a good effect. In the production process the sporadic wastewater generated by the wash bucket, water, rub lines process, the company taken to focus on the collection, sewage treatment and discharge standards.

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