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Our Vision

Core values
Loyalty trust, kept a promise and pragmatic;
United, efficient and sophisticated contribution!

The core idea
Human, institutional, and innovation.

Business philosophy
Credit-oriented to quality to win the trust of customers.

Corporate slogan
Culture is the soul of business management is the fundamental
Quality of life implementation of the enterprise is the foundation
Innovation is the driving force for enterprise security is the protection of the enterprise

Purpose of serving
A polite smile - is the basic requirement of each employee customer service.
2, the customer first - to meet the needs of customers always came in the first of the work.
3, active enthusiasm - positive to provide customers with quality service.
4, solidarity and cooperation - a harmonious team spirit is the basis of the highest efficiency and best services.
Specification compliance - practices, quality standards, high efficiency to achieve high effective protection.

各類反毛皮 加工榔皮
統一編號: 86435813 彰化縣田尾鄉溪頂村塗墩巷28-1號
TEL:04-8831415 FAX:04-8830866.
No. 28-1 Tu Tun Lane, Xi Ding Village,
Tian Wei, Chang Hua, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +886-4-8831415 Fax: +886-4-8830866
Email: shinli.chang@msa.hinet.net.