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  Understanding of leather
What is suede leather
  Manufacturing process
  The origin of the concept of suede leather
  Leather care
  Introduction and identify various types of leather
  Leather Art Description and History
What is suede leather

Also called the turn fur suede, anti fur is leather on the other side (with hair, not smooth) suede(anti-bovine skin) generally are processed both sides of the fur, suede shoes, also known as suede shoes.
Suede shoes, the shoes wear comfortable, breathable performance of its particularly good, elegant appearance, resistance to wear. But its shortcomings are dirty and not readily available and easy maintenance. Especially in the case of a bad environment, suede shoes easy to inhalation of dust, water and lodging will fluff, showing a bright shell-like.

How to clean suede shoes
Suede shoes dirty, and if dry rub is indelible. Can be cleaned with a damp cloth, wipe dry and placed in the shade. Surface may be dry non-leather shoes dry, then dipped in some suede shoe brush bristles powder, brush lightly on the upper, suede uppers will be fluffy and up. After successive blow dry, suede will be able to restitution.
Here are the specific maintenance methods, you can try:
Materials: brush, shoe trees, cleaning, renovation agent, sponge, mothballs.
1, ash. (Available vacuum cleaner).
2, first propped up with a shoe tree. (Wooden shoes with shoe-shaped support can change).
3, with a special brush. Note that the main stain copper surface and the heavier parts of the polished parts. First brush with a rubber face one direction, side seam with the side. Focus on circular motion rub the stain, then rub the copper wire.
4 wipe with a damp sponge, wet the upper. Main purpose is to deal with water-soluble substances.
5 shake cleaner sprayed on the surface. Back and forth repeatedly with a rubber brush both sides of the fiber brush to remove stains, dirty foam sponge with dry tide.
6 ten minutes to dry, so dry hair a little, and some wet brush with a rubber face one direction, so that hair spread out
, Finishing.
7 and a half hours to dry, dry shoes and other shoe to protect Serbian newspaper, 15 cm away from the shoe evenly sprayed update agent. Update agent with polishes, colloid (enhanced adhesion of other materials), pigments, solvents (soluble mixture of substances), etc. The main purpose of updating agent spray is complementary color. Black shoes to wear for a long time and easy anti-white, best character update agent.
8 dried with a rubber brush along and let the color line.
9 Finally desiccant collection.

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