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  Understanding of leather
  What is suede leather
  Manufacturing process
  The origin of the concept of suede leather
  Leather care
Introduction and identify various types of leather
  Leather Art Description and History
Introduction and identify various types of leather

The company uses imported Italian calf leather, buffalo leather and suede high cost of plant and other water pollution and water pollution in half leather, the leather

Pieces of very soft and have a natural sag; sometimes use some of the French imports of selected fabrics and special material mix and match it with the leather; fur is used with the belt of animal fur hair, such as fox fur scarves and bags and so on.

● deer skin
The majority of products for the leather companys negative. Processed into suede suede texture, and less use of real suede.

● water dyed leather
The leather colored dye vat to soak up some time to show the same color inside and outside. This leather is very soft, more afraid of peeling blue or scratched, but the case of wet water have a watermark.

● Semi-dyed leather water
Water dyed leather outer surface of the coating together with other colors, the leather more water, especially the appearance of a layer of shiny texture. If the briefcase and the like, then use more spray, although easier to scratch, but the surface than the very.

◎ leather processing

● Water pollution

Will be screened within the rolling leather dye vat placed about 14 hours, the color of leather through the heart, to maintain the leathers natural softness, and then with fixative. Use for a long time, the texture remains the same, without special light will be showing oil plus natural sheen leather, is the finest and natural processes.

● half the water pollution

Water pollution, together with the slightest spray dyeing processing effect, so although some flexibility will be reduced, but the leather will be more good protection, but more light may also use the oil with light maintenance.

● spray dyeing

Is forced to completely leather color, texture hard, and must rely on oil to increase the texture, except for some special effects, the company is less staining of the skin using this material. (Generally available in the market, mostly spray dyeing)

 ◎ Maintenance Commodities

 ● metal lit cream

 Only pure blue bronze or silver metal can be used, other non-ferrous metals will fade.

 ● cleaning paste

 Can be used for white or light-colored dirt just hit the leather, if the long time interval is ineffective. It is suggested that guests can take one to clean leather, but need a clean cloth to prevent dirt stains on the fabric on the bag.

 ● mink oil

 Can be used for maintenance of all kinds of leather, but leather can be used to aid scratch, the basis for the maintenance of leather products.

 ● anti-mildew agent to pollution

 Ensure that the leather dried, can be obliterated in order to protect the mold.


 ● Do not wash leather or alcohol products, bananas, water and other volatile solvents to clean.

 ● Try to avoid placing bags of class more than the normal volume or weight of goods, so as to avoid deformation or damage of goods.

 ● use and maintenance solution, first test in an inconspicuous area, such as points or stain will not fade from before use. Maintenance fluid part of the whole does not apply in suede.

 ● water dyed bags, in order to maintain the original texture of the leather, coated in the stained surface is no longer any coating or covering, so there will be in use for some time slightly change color or fade, is a normal phenomenon.

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