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  Understanding of leather
  What is suede leather
  Manufacturing process
The origin of the concept of suede leather
  Leather care
  Introduction and identify various types of leather
  Leather Art Description and History
The origin of the concept of suede leather
  Fur is mankinds most ancient cloth. After several years of changes in after the 1940s, the supply of fur from hunting to achieve the artificial breeding of changes since then, mainly to Europe and the worlds fur industry has entered a rapid development period. However, thought is always accompanied by anti-fur fur industry, development and growth, industrial development in the history of the worlds fur always throw off a "shadow."
As early as 6,000 to 10,000 years ago, as hemp, silk, wool, cotton and other natural fibers appear, fur clothing domination was broken, when the fur clothing not only in the original development prevailed, therefore, dressed in fur clothing of people is seen as "barbarians" and discriminated against. The ancient Egypt, Rome, Britain and other fur again, as a symbol of wealth and power, after a long period of time in the "fur" in peoples consciousness has always been marked with two labels: one is the "barbaric", is a "luxury . " Until the 14th century, Edward III, the royal mink as special products, prohibit general use, wearing fur clothing became a status symbol. After entering the 1940s, fur animal breeding industry to flourish, fur clothing is no longer a symbol of nobility, and become the pursuit of a fashion.
Smooth growth of fur industry in after a few years later, to the late 1980s, by the "anti-fur campaign" (referred to as the anti-fur campaign) the huge impact, bringing the kind of luxurious fur that has become "too expensive too warm, too conspicuous, "a synonym. Coupled with the deterioration of the global environment, causing people to "ecological awareness" of the increase, growing animal protection movement, suggesting that consumers: "a reference to fur, it will bring to mind the animals death." Wear fur campaign against the most radical groups PETA (People London rationally animals), from 1988 years ago and has continuously launched attacks in the United States, fur animal farms, fur shops and burning excessive movement. 90 years and set off into the "wear their fur, not as good as naked," the great movement, super models naked anti-fur ad to do, become a topic in the country. In addition, high-level hotels in New York, Milans opera house on the occurrence of fur clothing was not coated with paint when the event reported in the media. 10 years, each of the Finnish fur auction, the auction can be seen gathered around naked marchers would become the scene of strange anti-fur landscape, so that participants sometimes had to "back door" into the venue . 20 years, instigated "anti-fur campaign," the animal protection organizations and the World Association of fur (fur animal breeding, management, processing enterprises of joint organizations) struggle never stopped.
However, the fur industry is not as "anti-fur campaign," the intervention stalled, but "the shift, Peter eliminate this long," the struggle have been developed. Development of faster, more intense struggle, the same interval of a few years will set off a climax.
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