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  Understanding of leather
  What is suede leather
  Manufacturing process
  The origin of the concept of suede leather
Leather care
  Introduction and identify various types of leather
  Leather Art Description and History
Leather care
Maintenance of cognitive
  Leather is a living skin, chemical raw material processed by the Department of the completion of leather, so they need regular maintenance, general maintenance as far as possible avoid the use of selling in the market of skin care products, due to improper maintenance of products could easily lead to the leather surface of the skin layer cracks generated, so the use of qualified and appropriate leather care oil, this way can increase the life of leather, and makes beautiful soft leather.
Maintenance procedures

Step 1
First the leather surface with wet cloth to wipe off 9 points

Step 2
After cleaning, air dry 10 to 15 minutes, then use the transparent solid of sheep leather with leather oil evenly wipe gently over face

Step 3
After wiping the leather with sheep oil, wait 30 minutes, so the natural sheep oil is absorbed by the leather surface, and then clean the cotton cloth to wipe the circle until a uniform way of sheep leather to absorb the oil completely, so that the completed form to support the work, this leather will be soft when the bright



Step 4
leather care every six months is better

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